Tech Features

Technology Features

1. PrintGuard®:  Perfect monolayer of dense glass bead matrix bonded to tough 100 micron polyester film with our custom formulated, proprietary resin. This is the core technology for all Products.

Easy surface to clean using (diluted) press wash chemicals.
Durable construction lasts about a year.
Available in Small, Medium and Large Glass Bead Size
Available with and without sticky back adhesive on back side for mounting.

2. Orange Hide®:  Improved version of original PrintGuard®  We use the best raw materials and add an Orange Ink Repellent Coating to the surface.

3. PrintGuardPlus®:  A patented transfer cylinder jacket made to fit each Heidelberg Press model. This premium product uses the highest quality raw materials and installs in minutes to the transfer cylinder for a perfectly secure and safe fit.

Technology Benefits

1. PrintGuard®:  Provides an economical means of reducing marking of wet ink during sheet transfer.

2. Orange Hide:  Pressmen tell us Orange Hide® works three times better than the original PrintGuard, optimizes your press up time and increases profitability.

3. PrintGuardPlus®:  Our Patented PrintGuardPlus® jackets set the Standard in the Industry for best on-press performance; safe, secure and quick installation to your Heidelberg transfer cylinder, and technical/service support world-wide.