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Our PerfectBlack®Plus Nano Ceramic Coated Steel Impression Cylinder jackets are the finest in the world designed to meet high tolerances required for today’s most critical print jobs, to produce the highest print quality and deliver unequaled durability. PrintGuard Manufactures PerfectBlack®Plus jackets for all press models, including Heidelberg, Komori, Mitsubishi, Akiyama and others. For Printers with UV/HUV press models or conventional press models to be converted to UV/HUV, Printguard offers Stainless Steel film backed Impression Cylinder jackets at very attractive pricing. Laminated/Film backed jackets reduce installation time and cost, while providing required thickness for proper fit and registration to achieve high quality printing. Printguard also employs a network of certified, qualified mechanic to perform installation on all press models offering significant program cost savings.